Earlier this month alleged variant covers to next week’s Batman Incorporated #8 surfaced online, seemingly spoiling the events of the issue and what would be a big event in the Batman family of titles.

It now appears those covers were likely legitimate and DC themselves may have helped let the bat out of the bag a little more with new corroboration of what those covers imply.

If you’re determined to ignore the Internet and wait until Wednesday to read the issue, consider this your SPOILER WARNING.



We’re referring of course to the Batman Incorporated #8 “R.I.P” covers posted to a comics book retailer’s Twitter account on Friday, February 15, strongly implying the death of Damian Wayne/Robin.

Now DC has joined in with an early leak of their own.

In review copies sent to members of the comics’ press by DC and received at the end of this week of Aquaman #17 (on sale Wednesday, February 27), the “Channel 52” news double-page spread, a new weekly feature of DC Comics over the last month, apparently reveals the Robin will die in Batman Incorporated #8, which goes on sale the same day.

The second page of “Channel 52” features two panels that seemingly reveal the events of the issue.

The first panel features anchor Bethany Snow saying: “Bug, I have to break in! We are getting numerous reports that the current violent conflict between Batman and unknown assailants in Gotham City has taken a victim.

“Robin is Dead. Repeat. Robin is Dead.”

The second panel features the headline on the left hand part of the screen “BREAKING NEWS: ROBIN DEAD!” and Bethany Snow saying “I’m…I’m sorry… Please excuse me…”

Neither panel shows a body or any “video footage” from the scene, just a close up of the “R” symbol on Robin’s costume.


The Aquaman #17 review copy carries with it an embargo date of Wednesday February 27, (the on-sale date) a standard publisher practice meaning by accepting advance preview copies the press agrees not to publish any reviews of the issue until that date.

In the past DC had made it clear they consider any information in advance review copies from house ads or marketing pages outside the main story like the “DC Comics All Access” page and now the “Channel 52” feature as included under the embargo umbrella.

But that embargo apparently was not enough to contain the info from leaking out early.

Newsarama has been unavailable to reach DC for comment. Look for more information when it becomes available.

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