DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Set Photo; Stan Lee Movie Adds Producer


Following the dual wheelchair image from earlier this week, Bryan Singer has once again given a hint of X-Men: Days of Future Past things to come via Twitter, this time with a (very) early look at a set, that looks potentially to be the Cerebro walkway.

In the same tweet, Singer teased a Comic-Con appearance, writing, "How many days until @Comic_Con?" (If it's not already marked on your calendar, Comic-Con International: San Diego is July 17-21 this year.)


Annihilator, a film about a Stan Lee-created Chinese superhero, has added producer Barry Josephson, who has worked on Disney's Enchanted and the Fox show Bones. In December 2011, Real Steel's Dan Gilroy was announced to be writing the screenplay. (Via The Hollywood Reporter.)

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