Sony PLAYSTATION Announcement Event LIVE!

Tuesday night the game industry gathers in New York, NY for an event centered around Sony's PlayStation brand. The popular (though technically uncomfirmed by Sony) theory is the announcement of the PlayStation 4, the next generation gaming platform for the company.

The PlayStation debuted in 1994 and quickly took the gaming world over. The nearly ubiquitus PlayStation 2 is to date the best-selling home console in history, and hit shelves in 2000. The PlayStation 3, out since 2006, has not been the sales success the company hoped, falling into third place in the current generation, and being the last to hit shelves.

Tonight, Sony hopes to get out in front of Microsoft's next machine by bringing the PlayStation 4 out and showing what it can do. Expected for a fall 2013 release, tonight's event should be full of games - both first and third party, tech specs to drool over, and lots of hype. We may not get a price (or release date), but we will get confirmation of the system itself.

Newsarama will be there, covering it all live in the box below, starting at 6pm EST.

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