DC Names New GREEN LANTERN Creative Teams, Surprise Series


Following up on the somewhat surprise revelation that long-time writer Geoff Johns was exiting the title after 9 years in May, and the follow-up reveal that all the Green Lantern 'family" title creative teams were also exiting their titles in May as well, DC Comics has announced the new creative teams for the titles, including a new series.

Wednesday morning, DC announced to MTV Geek that Green Lantern will now be carried by Robert Venditti and Billy Tan. Green Lantern Corps is coming from Joshua Hale Fialkov and Bernard Chang. Fialkov is also picking up Red Lanterns with Alessandro Vitti on art. Green Lantern: New Guardians continues with new writer Justin Jordan and artist Brad Walker. Finally, the surprise new title Larfleeze takes all the writers and artists ever... just kidding, the greediest lantern gets Keith Giffen writing and Scott Kollins on art. 

This is presumably the first piece (of many) of news out of the very public "secret" creative retreat DC held for most of their writers and artists in North Carolina. The first promo image released, by new GL artist Billy Tan, notably does not include Simon Baz, the newest Green Lantern from Earth who is taking a big role in the new Justice League of America title by Johns. It also shows Kyle Rayner still in his White Lantern role, seemingly showing that the big change for Kyle will be sticking around.

Venditti, who was initially announced as the writer of the new DCU title Constantine, had reportedly backed off the project in favor of a continuing run on Demon Knights. He also writes X-O Manowar for Valiant, their flagship title after the 2012 relaunch/reboot of the line. Fialkov's I, Vampire was critically acclaimed but announced as cancelled with April's issue #19. This marks a decidely more mainstream pair of titles for the writer. Jordan, meanwhile, is closing out the runs of Deathstroke and Team 7, while also taking the reins on Superboy for DC. Cosmic stalwart Keith Giffen is the only one of the incoming writers with a long history with the Green Lantern universe, and Larfleeze most recently appeared front-and-center on the variant cover to his new DC cosmic title Threshold, with the character getting a feature backup in the title.

More to come on the new Green Lantern family creative teams and new announcements out of the DC creative retreat.

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