Review: Jeopardy! for PS3

Review: Jeopardy! for PS3

 Decent, fun, easily playable, but also bland can all be used to describe the newest video game version of Jeopardy!, this time exclusively on the PlayStation 3. What is ?

Downloadable from the PSN store for $14.99, the latest edition is about the 20th video game version of the ever-popular quiz show. The game has a ridiculously large set of categories and questions, and through several games the only category I saw repeated was Grab Bag, but with all different questions each time. Playing the game with a friend in the room or online can be decent fun. If you both know the answer, it’s just a matter of who is rapidly tapping the “X” button fastest, but the sense of competition and the solid question selection makes multiplayer a fun time.

Unfortunately, decent multiplayer will not make this game worth 15 bucks for most people. The overall presentation of the game is a mixed bag. The sound effects and music are there, along with the general set appearance. There’s a (quite limited) character creation, with five slots available. Unfortunately, outside of the proper beeps and theme music, along with clapping or a sad sigh from the crowd, the game is completely silent. No announcer, no Alex Trebek- he’s not even present at all in the game. There’s no voice-over, his face doesn’t show up at all, and the empty podium during the set fly-by is honestly a little creepy. You’ll want some music on or something in the background, as the silence is deafening. Luckily, voice-chat is supported in online multiplayer, so you can at least trash talk your virtual opponents.

The multiple-choice answering system will bother purists, and does make the game feel like “just another quiz game” instead of “Jeopardy!” That’s really all this game turns out to be, is a decent quiz game.

The other baffling, ridiculous thing is the lack of Trophy support. This is a Sony published game, exclusive to the PS3, sold only through PSN, and it has no Trophies! Trophies are the relatively new PS3 version of Xbox 360’s Achievements, but so far have been found in very few games. Even weirder, there are in-game “awards” that when attained, even pop up in the upper right hand corner of the screen, exactly like Trophies; it took some digging to figure out that I hadn’t in fact earned something I could compare with friends. If Sony wants some real support for the Trophy system, they need to support it themselves.

If you’re a big trivia buff like me, and you have some good PSN buddies who dig it too or someone else in the house to play this game with, it’s worth a buy. If you don’t jump at the chance to play “Trivial Pursuit” with the family at a reunion or hop straight onto the NTN game at Buffalo Wild Wings, then this game is simply too unpolished, too feature-less, and too Trophy-less to be worth fifteen dollars. When games like and give such a well-tuned experience for less money, it seems the only answer is, “This game is over-priced for the majority of gamers, and only real trivia buffs need apply.” What is for PS3?

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