Bungie Reveals DESTINY, All-New '10-Year' Property

After months of speculation, teases, and leaks, Bungie's new game, Destiny has been revealed.


In a media explosion across game sites Sunday afternoon, the new game is the start of a planned 10 year series with Bungie and Activision, where players will shape the world across the years.

Taking place in a far-future Earth and Solar System where humanity has suddenly come to a near-end, The Traveler saves one city on Earth as the last bastion of hope. Players, as the Guardians of Destiny, will work to solve the mystery of the end of mankind and keep the remaining vestments safe.

Players will travel all across the Solar System, battling crazy alien species, space zombies, and time-traveling robots, according to a report from Polygon. While the game has a new graphics engine, the "shared-world shooter" as described by Activisio CEO Eric Hirshberg, has initially been announced for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sony's next-generation system is likely to be announced on February 20, 2013, which could add to Destiny's destinations.

[View a Gallery of Concept Art from DESTINY here]


In the game, which is a first-person shooter set in a sandbox universe, players will customize their characters in every way and be able to interact with other players in cooperative and competitive modes that share items with the single-player campaign. You will encounter - and trade with - other players in the story mode as well, furthering the idea that this is a shared experience, despite having high levels of customization.

To encourage frequent visits to the world, Bungie is borrowing from social and facebook game experiences, offering limited-time activities and moments that can only be experienced a few days at a time. This persistence of the world will help the company - and players - feel like they're truly growing this universe together. Players will be able to team-up on missions, MMO style, then go their separate ways, all dynamically.

An initial video documentary, the first of many, was also released by Bungie to further whet your appetite. No release date was announced yet, and Activision and Bungie say those announcements will come when it's ready; 2013 may not see the release of Destiny. More on this new genre-bending game soon.

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