Six More DC COMICS Cancelled May 2013, Creative Shifts Too


Six more titles are ending at DC: Deathstroke, Fury of the Firestorm, The Savage Hawkman, Ravagers, Sword of Sorcery and Team 7 have all been cancelled, with last issues out in May.

The news was revealed via CBR's monthly "B&B" Q&A column with DC Comics editor-in-chief Bob Harras and editorial director Bobbie Chase, who didn't mention any possible replacements within The New 52.

Harras made clear that though these series are ending, it doesn't necessarily mean the characters won't be seen, citing Hawkman's role in Justice League of America and that DC has "plans for Deathstroke going forward." Same for  the Ravagers characters — Harras specifically mentions that Beast Boy, Terra and Caitlin Fairchild will be around, and that Amethyst of Sword of Sorcery will "hopefully" appear again in Justice League Dark.

 Chase stated that DC has new titles coming up in the "Young Justice" line, which after the cancellation of Ravagers is down to Teen Titans and Legion of Super-Heroes.

Deathstroke, Fury of the Firestorm and Savage Hawkman were all part of the initial New 52 lineup from September 2011; Ravagers debuted as part of the "Second Wave" in May 2012; and Sword of Sorcery and Team 7 both started in September 2012.

Harras and Chase also announced a few writer changes on ongoing series starting in May, with Michael Alan Nelson coming on Supergirl (replacing Mike Johnson), Justin Jordan joining Superboy (replacing Tom DeFalco) and Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti on board Batwing (replacing Fabian Nicieza). Harras stated that Johnson "opted to move on to something new," and that the company expects to work with him again. The editor-in-chief also said that Nicieza was "there to help us out" during the Batwing transition.


Meanwhile, over at MTV Geek, the solicitation for JLA's Vibe #4, with a cover depicting Vibe being choked by Batman, had a creative change as part of the reveal. Andrew Kreisberg, who is also busy as showrunner on CW's Arrow television show based off Green Arrow, is leaving the title as of the third issue. Taking over with issue three (according to MTV's text) is Sterling Gates, a DC veteran and the initial writer of The New 52's Hawk & Dove, which ended with issue #8. Vibe #3 was originally solicited as written by Kreisberg, who just two weeks ago told us of his long-term plans for the title.

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