Did EW Just Reveal STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS's Secret?


From the "whatever it may be worth" files: Entertainment Weekly's latest cover story is on May's Star Trek Into Darkness, and a link to purchase the issue describes one of two covers, featuring Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch, as "Kirk and Khan."

Is this confirmation, following months of speculation, that Cumberbatch is indeed playing the famous Star Trek villain? Well, no. It's distinctly possible that whoever operates that part of EW's website made a mistake/jumped the gun based on speculation. A post on EW's website previewing the article mentions the Khan talk, but classifies it as unresolved, writing, "Unsurprisingly, the ever secretive Abrams wouldn't answer that question."

One listing on a magazine's website is certainly not definitive proof of anything, but it is more to ponder for fans who have chewed over every scrap of information relatiing to the film, which is out on May 17. (Our senior editor Michael Doran shared his latest theory on Wednesday.)

The "Khan" listing is still up for now; here's a screencap in case it gets edited:


(Thanks to Newsarama Contributor Lan Pitts for the tip.)

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