ANIMAL MAN Gets Famous, Second Artist in May's #20


DC Comics dropped the Animal Man #20 cover in our inbox ahead of the May 2013 solicitations, along with some new information about the series Post-Rotworld.

Joining writer Jeff Lemire and artist Steve Pugh on the series is artist John Paul Leon now also working on interiors. Jae Lee remains on covers.

As to what behind this pretty picture by Lee, after the Rot has subsided, Animal Man, Buddy Baker, is more famous than ever before, and that sort of thing can tax a family.

Also, according to this cover, Man of Steel comes out by May 1, 2013 in the DC Universe, so start trying to transfer yourself over to the DCU now.

Animal Man #20, by Jeff Lemire, John Paul Leon, and Steve Pugh, coming May First.

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