SWORD Goes to Hollywood, Radical Raises $, HITMAN Reboot

Lunas' SWORD Goes Hollywood

Lakeshore, the company that single-handedly keeps lycra manufacturers in business with the Underworld movies, is looking to the Luna Brothers' The Sword [read the first issue for free right here] to be their next multi-film franchise, Deadline reports. The first film, based on the first of four trade collections, will go into production this year, with Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi producing. The story centers on a female character who gets imbued with powers thanks to a mystical sword who then goes on a bit of a revenge fantasy, so it's right up Lakeshore's alley.

HITMAN Reboot... already?

Square Enix's Hitman property saw a film with Fox just in 2007, starring Timothy Olyphant as the enigmatic Agent 47 in what was critically a total failure, but managed to pull in a decent worldwide haul. So, just six years after its release, the movie will be ignored, with a reboot starring Fast and Furious headliner Paul Walker as 47 this time around. The new movie will carry the character's name, Agent 47 as its title. Written by Skip Woods (who wrote the first film) and Michael Finch, Agent 47 will be the third genre film announced in the last two months to feature a director previously only known for commercials, this time Aleksander Bach. The movie shoots this summer, and Fox is looking to use this as a new franchise for Walker in addition to his continuing role in the Fast franchise.

Radical Still Focused on Comics

Radical Studios has some big films in the works, with Oblivion starring Tom Cruise hitting later this year and Hercules starring Duane Johnson coming in 2014. But the company is using its newest $3 million infusion to focus on developing new digital strategies and bringing their IP to life outside of film. They also hope to continue to develop new properties, which of course will then be pushed to film, this new digital division, and any other way they can exploit.

AVENGERS... Present Award!

The majority of the principal cast of Marvel's The Avengers will take the stage all at once at the Oscars in 2013 to present an award together. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo will present together. No word on why Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson won't be in attendance for the reunion.

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