INFINITY, NEXT next Marvel Event Coming Free Comic Book Day


Marvel's Age of Ultron hasn't even shipped its first issue yet, but the next next event is already on the way. Infinity, the "grandest Marvel Comics event of all time," was announced today in a press release, revealing an image of Thanos (that smiling purple guy from the end of Marvel's The Avengers for the uninitiated) busting through portraits of major characters from all over the Marvel Universe, including "the Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, Superior Spider-Man & more!"

Pictured in the teaser, clockwise from the top to the best of our ability are:

Medusa, Karnak, Doctor Strange, Gorgon, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Bolt, Iron Man, Falcon, Wolverine, Ex Nihilo (!), Spider-Woman, Black Panther, Havok, Mr. Fantastic, Gladiator, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Sunfire, Smasher, Hulk, Sunspot, Wasp, Thor, Rogue, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Beast, Captain Universe, and Namor.

The most interesting notes to those pictured: Ex Nihilo, villain of the first arc of Hickman's Avengers is right there in his own big, solo shard. Gladiator's presence in a big way is likely important, too, as is Mr. Fantastic's presence, whether that's still out in the far reaches of space and time or back to Earth. It's interesting to see Iron Man in his Guardians of the Galaxy armor, but no other members of that team in this cosmic-oriented teaser. No Nova, either, for that matter, even though the previous Nova's history is now intrinsically linked to Thanos. All of the current possessors of the Infinity Gems are pictured, as well as Captain Universe who has been foreshadowed as an extremely important character to the future of the Marvel Universe in the aforementioned first arc of Avengers by Infinity writer Jon Hickman.

The previously classified Free Comic Book Day 2013 issue will be the first look into Infinity, with a brand new story by Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung launching this new cosmic war. The issue will also include a "sneak peek behind a major Marvel release that hasn't been announced yet."

Infinity, the next next Marvel event, coming May 4, 2013.



Pencils & Cover by JIM CHUENG

ON SALE – MAY 4th, 2013!

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