Interview: Psyche of the Frag Dolls

Interview: Psyche of the Frag Dolls

Ubisoft recently showed off Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party for the Wii, even though the game doesn’t come out until mid-November. To help show off the new collection of mini-games that follows up on their hit, they sent a couple of the ladies from Frag Dolls to demonstrate and chat with gamers at the event. The Frag Dolls are a professional gaming team composed entirely of young women and sponsored by Ubisoft. We got to have a quick chat with Psyche at the event, as she told us about the upcoming game, her own gaming habits, and an interesting new game mechanic.

Newsarama: So what are you doing here tonight?

PSYCHE: Well, in addition to the pro gaming circuit, we’re also employed by Ubisoft. So, one of our jobs is promoting Ubisoft games.

NRAMA: What’s different about this from the first Raving Rabbids?

PSYCHE: Well, this game actually integrated the Wii Fit board for a couple of games. There’s a game you can actually play with your butt. It’s the first ever game you can play with your butt!

NRAMA: Is that the tagline? “You can play this with your butt?”

PSYCHE: (laughs) It should be! There are over 50 games though, there’s a ton of other games in this one.

NRAMA: When was your most recent competition?

PSYCHE: We had a competition a few weeks ago at Penny Arcade Expo, and we came in 9th place out of 70 teams in Halo 3.

NRAMA: Is Halo 3 your specialty then?

PSYCHE: Well, there’s two other girls that that’s their specialty. Mine is really more realistic shooters like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, games like that.

NRAMA: What games are you looking forward to the most this fall and holiday season?

PSYCHE: Um, Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead, uhhh Starcraft 2, cause I like RTSes a lot. HAWX! That looks awesome. Endwar where you can play with your voice?

NRAMA: Yeah, that looks really cool. Did you see the video of the developer having two parrots play that game?

PSYCHE: No! Is the voice recognition really that good? That’s so cool!

NRAMA: Yeah, it was impressive. So is Xbox 360 your platform of choice?

PSYCHE: Yeah, but I do have a PS3 and a Wii, too.

NRAMA: Oh, ok, so you said you specialize in realistic shooters, are you looking forward to the new SOCOM on PS3 at all?

PSYCHE:Yes! I was really into SOCOM 2 on PlayStation 2, that’s where I got into shooters, so yes!

NRAMA: And what was your first gaming system?

PSYCHE:The original NES. It’s not like Calecovision or Atari, but not too bad!

More from Psyche and all the Frag Dolls can be found at . Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party is due in stores November 11, 2008.

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