Valiant Looking to Produce HARBINGER Film On Their Own

Harbinger still has life as a potential film, though according to Variety, Valiant is now looking outside the studio system to get it made.

The trade magazine reported Friday that Valiant Entertainment Group is working to produce the film independently, and that Stephen Susco, writer of The Grudge and co-writer of Ardden's Grim Ghost relaunch, is working on the screenplay.

Brett Ratner is still named as a potential Harbinger director; he was first attached to the project in March 2008, when the film was in development at Paramount — Variety cites rights issues stemming from the Fox/Warner Bros. lawsuit over Watchmen as stalling the project at that studio.

Alexandra Milchan and Jay Stern are scheduled to produce Harbinger, with Valiant CEO Jason Kothari and chief creative officer Dinesh Shamdasani. The Harbinger comic book debuted in 1992 from the team of Jim Shooter and David Lapham, and was relaunched last year as part of the ongoing Valiant revival.

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