ADVENTURE TIME OGN Brings Finn & Flame Princess Together

KaBOOM!’s comics of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time were one of the surprise hits of last year – and their line continues to expand with the new Adventure Time: Vol.1 OGN coming in April.

The new original graphic novel, written by webcomic creator Danielle Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots) and illustrated by Zack Sterling, puts the spotlight on Finn the Human’s hot new love interest, Flame Princess, focusing on her heading out from the Fire Kingdom into the Land of Ooo – and battling her own firey nature. Though KaBOOM! doesn’t have a preview available, we were able to talk to Corsetto and get a look at the cover – and we’ve included some behind-the-scenes art from Adventure Time creators Frederator Studios featuring Flame Princess designs, memorable moments, and storyboards from her spotlight episodes. 

Credit: BOOM! Studios

Newsarama: Danielle, tell us the basic story of this GN -- I'm also curious as to where it fits into Adventure Time continuity, as it sounds like it takes place between Flame Princess's appearances in "Hot to the Touch" and "Burning Low."

Danielle Corsetto: The story mostly focuses on Flame Princess's internal battle of being inherently, deliciously evil when maaaaybe she wants to be a good person instead. I'll stay mysterious about the actual plot; let's just say it wouldn't be Adventure Time without a little adventure. (laughs)

I like to think this story takes place at the end of Season 4; "Burning Low" has already happened, so Finn knows that his relationship with Flame Princess isn't gonna be a cakewalk. It also feels a little non-canon to me; I tried to follow Penn's style and take the story wherever I wanted to, without a care for "how this fits in with the rest of the story" or "can that really happen in the land of Ooo?" Sure it can, it's Adventure Time.

I'll also admit that I'm a sucker for romance, so I didn't deny my fellow romance-lovers their share of some cuddly L-O-V-E scenes!

Nrama: How did you come on board for it? 


Corsetto: I responded to an e-mail that said "Yo, you wanna write this?" I still don't know who slipped BOOM! my name, but I think I owe someone twenty bucks.

Nrama: What do you enjoy about writing Flame Princess?

Corsetto: She's got that wonderful conundrum of being simultaneously evil and unstable while being a total sweetheart. I love imperfect characters! FP is my kinda girl.

Nrama: OK, hardcore question time! Do you think FP and Finn are meant to be together, or do you prefer PB? Or are you more of a Marceline? 


Corsetto: Okay, see, I love PB sooooo much, and I think Marceline is rad! But I think for a first love, Finn and FP make a great match. Together for how long, though? That depends on how long Finn can handle a girl who's both unpredictable and, y'know, made of fire... and whether or not Flame Princess digs his whole "hero" shtick.

Nrama: What are some of the unique challenges in working in the reduced-size manga/GN format?

Corsetto: Frankly, I've got it easy! Since I'm not the one drawing this book, my artist Zack's the one who gets to be challenged the most! But this will be my first time writing for a specific length and size, vertically even! While I've never written a book like this (I'm working simultaneously on a book the same size, my Secret Project #1), the fact that I read 150-page manga-size graphic novels almost exclusively means that the format feels totally natural to me. 


Nrama: Give us the hard sell on why we should pick this up!

Corsetto: Dudes, it's Flame Princess. Don't you wanna know what makes her tick? What's she like when she's not around Finn? How does she feel about being evil? Can she drink a milkshake? Would that give her a freezy-headache?

Okay, not all of those questions are answered in this book, but if you're a fan of our fiery femme, you'll enjoy the read! Plus, you'll get to see how I write when I'm not allowed to go above a PG-13 level. 


Nrama: What's coming up in Girls with Slingshots?

Corsetto: While I don't have anything big going on for GWS - my cross-country tour has been pushed back to 2014 - I'm really enjoying the plotlines lately. Hazel's being forced to grow up a little (but not too much!), Thea and Mimi are g̶e̶t̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ married, and there are some big relationship changes on the horizon for some of our star characters. I'm so excited to write this year's stories!

Nrama: What's next for you? 


Corsetto: Well, I'm creating GWS strips twice as fast these days to make room for all of these secret projects, as well as teaching an illustration class at my alma mater, which has given me an incredible inspiration boost! I've got one big project on my radar, but I don't like to get too excited about things before they happen, just in case. If Secret Project #3 pans out, it'll be huge news for me.

Nrama: Anything else you'd like to talk about that we haven't discussed yet?

Corsetto: There's not much more to say! While my schedule this spring has become overwhelming, it's just been a matter of improving my time management skills (of which I previously had none). So my social life has taken a face-first fall, but I'm excited to be busy with new projects.

Oh, I'm joining a gym, is that worth discussing? Nah, let's discuss the future of my HARD ABS and TIGHT GUNS in a future interview.

Flame Princess has her very own adventure with the Adventure Time Vol.1 OGN in April.

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