MAN OF STEEL Product Licenses Outpacing SUPERMAN RETURNS


Variety reports Warner Bros. Consumer Products has already secured a longer list of licensing partners for this summer’s Man of Steel than it did for 2006’s Superman Returns, an early, inconclusive, though positive sign the tent-pole relaunch will be more successful than last time. The studio will take good news wherever it can find it, considering the response to Man of Steel reportedly will be the lynchpin for how they proceed with a proposed 2015 Justice League movie.

Citing sources “close to the deed”, the Hollywood trade also reports demand for products tied to the June release is “on par” with that for The Dark Knight Rises, surprising even Warner Bros. executives.

According to the story, this is especially positive news given Superman’s lack of iconic vehicles and gadgets. Also, his powers of flight, super strength and heat vision don’t necessarily translate to action figure form as well as Batman's various accessories.

While Superman has long been a popular property for Warner Bros. Consumer Products, sales were seen as mostly driven by apparel featuring the character's signature "S" shield. But Warner Bros. believes it's been able to expand on the kinds of products it can offer this time around. Mattel will reportedly introduce a "Man of Steel QuickShots" line, “which will build elements of flight and strength into its toy line that will include action and collectible figures, vehicles and playsets.”

During this year’s consumer toy fair season, WBCP will also promote products for other DC properties such as the recently announced classic Batman TV series from the 1960s; and the "Batman: Arkham Asylum," "Arkham City" and "Injustice: Gods Among Us" videogames.

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