DC Teases UNWRITTEN-FABLES Vertigo Mash-Up


DC Comics released this teaser image Wednesday morning under the headline “Worlds collide beginning in The Unwritten #50” along with the copy, “Tom Taylor and…Bigby Wolf?”

The teaser refers to characters from Bill Willingham’s long-time Vertigo series Fables showing up in Mike Carey’s Unwritten, as discussed last fall at NY Comic Con’s Vertigo: Cutting Edge panel.

"It's not a crossover, it's an event, takes place entirely in Unwritten, Willingham explained in October.

"Some of the characters in that book are able to find their way into other worlds, places, and books. Starting with issue #50, for five issues, one or more of the Unwritten characters will find their way into the world of Fables."

“It doesn't go well for everyone involved,” he concluded.

Look for more details when DC releases them.

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