KaBOOM! Goes Anything But with REGULAR SHOW in April

Hot off the success of BOOM! Studios' adaptation to Cartoon Network's mega-hit series Adventure Time and its spin-off series Marceline and the Scream Queens and Fiona and Cake, the company's all-ages imprint KaBOOM! looks to add another CN hit to the fold. Written by the web-comic Gunshow creator K. C. Green and art by indy sensation Alison Strejlau, Regular Show looks to bring all the surreal adventures of park workers, Mordecai and Rigby to the world of comics.

Newsarama spoke to Green about working on the comic, and how even though it's still in the early stages of development, the potential to follow Adventure Time as another hit in BOOM!'s continuously growing list of acclaimed series is unlimited.  


K.C., what was it about working on the Regular Show comic that attracted you to the project in the first place?

K. C. Green: Much like yourself, I am a fan of the show! So that was a big factor. That, and most of the characters have a well-defined voice already. So I can start to imagine how they would deal with other scenarios. Like watching a bunch of Seinfeld and being in-tune to how the main four would deal with any other scenario because their voices are crafted well.

Nrama: Do you find it difficult to try to match someone else's creations' sensibilities?

Green: JG has already a very good idea of what his characters are like, but, again, the voice throughout the show is defined well enough that you could understand it and write with it. So I don't find it that difficult. Just have to brush up on the show more.

Nrama: Working primarily in web-comic format, are you finding any challenges now working in a 20-page format?

Green: No, not at all. I would write short stories in my webcomic, Gunshow, a lot and usually keep the story short and sweet, ranging from nine or fifteen pages. I even recently did a twenty-page short story, so no, I see no problem with this.

Nrama: What are your favorite episodes of Regular Show?

Green: "Trucker Hall of Fame" & "Don". Probably more, I'm going through the series again to brush up.

Nrama: Is there a specific character you're really excited to write about?

Green: I really like Rigby because he's such a spaz and an idiot and no one seems to take that kind of crap from him, unlike, say, Homer Simpson, who is also an idiot, but lovable. Rigby being who he is, means he has to learn to grow up quicker and deal with his problems or he has a real chance of just being a nobody loser. I think a lot of people could relate to him being just pure id and getting in trouble over his actions. We were all dumb kids who didn't know better once. He's tragic in a way, but he'll never admit it.

Nrama: What can you say about your partner-in-show, Allison Strejlau's art for the comic?

Green: I've currently only seen a test page she did, but it looks great. More spot on with the show's style.  I can't wait to see all it all in action once the comic comes out.

Nrama: Is there a character you can relate to?

Green: There are parts of Rigby I can see myself in. Especially when I was younger and dumber.

Nrama: What is the process of getting a script approved? Is Cartoon Network pretty hands-on?

Green: We're still sort of in an early writing process, so I can't really give a good answer to this one right now.

Nrama: With the show being a massive success with millions of fans,  you've got to feel some sort of pressure,  right?

Green: Nope! People will like what they like and not like what they don't like. I will do the best I can and let the rest take it from there.

Nrama: What are you hoping fans of the show take away with them when they pick up the comic?

Green: Satisfaction and eagerness for more.

Regular Show from BOOM! Studios debuts this April.

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