WINTER SOLDIER Sees Red on #18 Variant Cover


Ed Brubaker's run on Winter Soldier ended this week with issue #14, paving the way for new series writer Jason Latour to take over next month. But here, we're leapfrogging all the way to May and issue #18, to bring you the exclusive debut of a new variant cover by Dave Johnson.

As you can see, it depicts Bucky standing proudly in front of Soviet imagery. Could this be an indication of a storyline development? Maybe a flashback to Bucky's brainwashed Soviet assassin days? Or is a cover just a cover in this instance — after all, the hammer and sickle has been a part of the Winter Soldier series logo since issue #1.

Well, readers will find out more either a) in May, or b) in another few weeks, when Marvel's May 2013 solicitations are released. Until then, enjoy the art.

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