ROBOTECH Live Action Gets Director, Video Games Under Fire

The Macross Saga Goes Live

Robotech is going live-action and now has a director to bring the anime to the big screen. Nic Mathieu will direct the feature for Warner Bros, which they hope is the start of a franchise. Part of the mecha boom of the 80s from Japan, with three seasons of TV plus multiple movies, there is plenty of material to mine for multiple films.

Mathieu has no feature directing credits, with his notables instead being commercials. Interestingly, this is the second commercial director attached to a major - and beloved - franchise. Earlier this month, Dan Trachtenberg was handed the reins to Y: The Last Man.

Joe Biden REALLY wants Video Game Violence Studied

In a Google Hangout chat, the Vice President of the United States once again issued a call to Congress to fund a study on whether violent imagery and interaction in video games (with a smaller focus on other media) has any links to real-life gun violence. Biden stressed that we should "not be afraid of the facts," one way or another, and that the study simply needed to be done so that they could move forward. The study would have to be Congressionally ordered, as there is currently a Congressional ban on the CDC conducting any studies that could advocate gun control.

But clearly, video games are the problem.

Rick versus The Governor Teased - Oh Just Watch!

We'll just leave this new promo for Season 3.5 of The Walking Dead sitting right here for you.

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