A Siegel House Auction Update - Week 3 - Over $70K raised

A Siegel House Auction Update - Week 3

This week the online auction to save the house where Superman was created enters the home stretch.

The third auction, which ended this morning, raised $17,763 which brought the total to more than $70,763 to repair the Glenville house where young Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman, surpassing the initial goal by more than $30,000.

Proceeds will pay to replace the roof and rebuild the exterior of Siegel's former home on Kimberly Avenue on Cleveland's East Side. Leftover money will be used for interior repairs and other work in the future.

The Cleveland-based Siegel and Shuster Society and novelist Brad Meltzer came up with the idea to raise money to restore the house by asking comic book and Hollywood royalty to contribute art or unique opportunities to be sold over the Internet.

Two of the five top sellers were of Supergirl and Power Girl. Frank Cho’s drawing of the Girl of Steel sold for $7,500. Amanda Connor’s sketch of Superman flanked by Supergirl and Power Girl, sold for 1,081. J.H. Williams’ original “Final Crisis: Superman” co ver went for $1,525. Painter Alex Ross’ powerful portrait of Superman sold for $1,225. Tim Sale‘s Superman piece topped out at $1,344.

This week’s kick-myself-for-not-bidding item went to the rare and unique Jim Mooney and Tom Batiuk piece, stolen for $135. This is one of the last, if not the very last, Superman pieces drawn by the Silver Age Supergirl artist before his death.

Still unchallenged for the biggest seller of the entire auction so far is $14,101 for a new piece by artist Jim Lee, which will depict Superman and the auction winner. But that title may be challenged this week as the auction wraps up with 22 items including a walk-on role on television’s Heroes, a Superman T-shirt autographed by Jerry Siegel and original art by George Perez (his second in the auction), Cleveland area cartoonist Chip Sansom "Born Loser"; Rags Morales and a Superman print drawn by the late Michael Turner which has been signed by the royalty of the comic book world.

Also, on September 27th, the Glenville Development Corp. plans to clean up the Kimberly Avenue block where the Siegel house is located. The group is seeking volunteers to rake, sweep, plant flower bulbs and paint and make small repairs to porches and the exterior of some houses. Local businesses will provide paint and supplies.

Tracey Kirksey, executive director of the Glenville Development Corp., said red, blue and yellow flower bulbs will be planted in a nod to the colors of Superman’s costume.

Renovation of the Siegel house, which has drawn many Superman fans over the years, is expected to be under way by that time.

To volunteer, drop a line to Tracey at tkirksey@glenvilledev.org

The List for week three:

Stephen Colbert, two VIP tickets to his show — $820.

Frank Cho, Super girl art — $7,500.

Alex Ross, Superman art — $1,225.

Amanda Conner, Superman, Supergirl and Power Girl art — $1,081.

J.H. Williams, Final Crisis cover original art — $1,525.

Tim Sale, Superman art — $1,344.

Joe Quesada, Daredevil original art — $667.

Ron Garney, Justice League America #101, original art — $635.

Geoff Darrow, Krypto original art — $1,009.

Matt Wagner, Superman, original drawing — $275.

Felipe Massafera, Painting of Bizarro — $255.

Eric Powell, Superman original art — $206.

Paul Dini, Batman/Superman script — $260.

John Buscema, Conan art — $270.

David Lloyd , original art from Wasteland — $144.

Jim Mooney and Tom Batiuk, a Superman and Supergirl tribute from Funky Winkerbean, original art — $135.

Rags Morales and Mike Bair, original Superman art from Identity Crisis — $310.

David Letterman show tickets - $102.

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