DC's SUPERMAN Free Comic Book Day Release Revealed


When the initial list of Free Comic Book Day "Gold Sponsors" was revealed, DC's release was dubbed "top secret." On Friday, the contents were revealed: A reprint of 2006's Action Comics #844, the first part of the "Last Son" story co-written by Geoff Johns and Richard Donner, with art from Adam Kubert.

The issue will also feature a preview of the upcoming Superman series by writer Scott Snyder and artist (and DC co-publisher) Jim Lee.

The choice of story is timed both to the June 14 debut of the Man of Steel feature film, and a new collected edition of the "Last Son" story titled Superman: Last Son of Krypton, released earlier this month. "Last Son" was notable for the pairing of prominent DC writer Johns — now the company's chief creative officer — with Donner, who directed the 1978 Superman film and part of Superman II.

Marvel's Free Comic Book Day offering remains as yet unrevealed.

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