IRON MAN Uses Name Brand Electronics, Ratner Rocks HERCULES


Goodbye STARK Phone, Hello TCL?

Chinese electronic company TCL, which recently bought the Hollywood landmark Graumann's Chinese Theater (and yes, in the spirit of sports stadiums everywhere is renaming it TCL Chinese Theater) is now replacing another famous name in Hollywood, this time in the movies themselves.

As part of a product placement deal, don't expect Tony Stark to use his own branded electronics, despite being in charge of a large and diverse electronics company himself in both the comics and film bearing his alter-ego's name, Iron Man. In Iron Man 3, due in theaters May 3, 2013, Stark will use TCL brand phones, TVs, and "cloud technology" in a conspicuous fashion (expect a closeup or two of the TCL phone in his hand, for example). THR reports the deal is part of TCL's campaign to prove their "new generation of products are as good as those from Samsung and Apple."

HERCULES Comic Movie Gets Release Date

No, it's not that Hercules, sorry Krakabathroomers. Herculeas: The Thracian Wars from Radical Studios is going to theaters courtesy of director Brett Ratner (no stranger to comic book movies) and Paramount and MGM Studios. Just announced as due to screens August 8, 2014, the movie will star former pro-wrestler turned action star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

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