INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US Release Date, Battle Edition


The iron grip that NetherRealm Studios (founded by the creators of Mortal Kombat) and DC Comics held on news about their upcoming 2D fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us loosened significantly today with the release of not only the details of the $149.99 Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition for PS3 and Xbox 360 but also the first in a series of digital comics that will finally tell fans and gamers why the great powers of the DC Universe have come to blows.

Written by Tom Taylor (Star Wars: Blood Ties) with art by Jheremy Raapack (Legends Of The Dark Knight) Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 opens with a look at a not too distant future version of the DC Universe under the thumb of a super-powered dictator. After a short time, the story flashes back five years to ‘today’ where a classic-styled DC Universe with a New 52 visual flavor Superman contemplates some good news with his wife Lois and his ‘friend’ Batman. However in just the handful of pages that comprises the ninety-nine-cent digital comic, things take a very dark turn with the appearance of The Joker and Harley Quinn.


The mature content of the comic parallels nicely with what the game has purported to be from the first release of footage: a significantly darker, more aggressive take on superheroic one on one fighting then what was seen in 2008’s partially sanitized Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. The recent ‘leak’ of new fighters like the original, Venom-injecting version of Bane and a battle-suited Lex Luthor, should guarantee the violence level of a game that already has Superman punching people to (and from) orbit stays high.

The already revealed $99.99 Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector’s Edition includes the Batman and Wonder Woman battling in the Fortress of Solitude statue, a digital copy of DC Universe animated film Justice League: Doom, New  52 character skins and a copy of the compete prequel comic. While that package looks great for fans of the comic book universe, fighting game fans appear to be the target of  new $149.99 Battle Edition. This version replaces the movie and the comic with a custom-made fight stick featuring art from the game, illumination and professional gaming tournament-style lockouts for pause/guide buttons.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is set for an April 16th release on all the major consoles.

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