We've got your first look at this week's latest Marvel NOW! teaser, and it's again signifying the arrival of a new artist to a series: This time Frazer Irving on the Brian Michael Bendis-written Uncanny X-Men as of April's issue #5.

The teaser is also promising "Revolution" — which seems to fit right in with the M.O. of Uncanny main cast members Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, Magik and their new recruits, as established in recent issues of All-New X-Men.

In recent years, Irving is best known for his work at DC like Batman and Robin, Xombi and The Shade. Yet he's no stranger to Marvel, with credits at the publisher including Silent War and Iron Man: The Inevitable — though this would be his first time working with Bendis.

Though Irving is joining the series for an arc, this doesn't preclude a return to the book from Bachalo. All-New X-Men, the other Bendis X-book, started with five issues illustrated by Stuart Immonen, artist David Marquez is on board for issues #6-#8, and Immonen is returning with #9. (: Bendis has confirmed on Twitter that Bachalo will return to the series.)

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