Watch This Now: ILM's Oscars Reel AVENGERS Effects Process

When Disney decided to buy Lucasfilm, everyone talked about them getting Star Wars, and with good reason. It's a massive franchise with incredible growth potential to this day. But what many may have overlooked is the visual effects powerhouse of Industrial Light and Magic, or ILM, that also comes along for the ride.

You can bet, however, that Disney knew exactly what they were getting. In this submission reel by ILM for their work on The Avengers, they make an incredible case for exactly why they should win the Visual Effects oscar, by showing exactly how they created the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, how they mapped out the Hulk's movements and created his look, and even the complete computer modeling and creation of New York City. Check it out for an absolutely amazing clinic on what it takes to make superheroes superheroic in today's mega-blockbusters.

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