Y: THE LAST MAN Gets Director, Nolan Goes Sci-Fi, More

Y: The Last Director

Okay, for real this time. New Line Cinema has hired Dan Trachtenberg as the director of the big screen adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's Y: The Last Man, according to multiple sources. You may currently be scratching your head and saying "who?" and that's because Trachtenberg doesn't have any film credits. He has however directed commercials, and this amazing fan-film based on the video game Portal. Watch it, and celebrate that Y might actually be coming to the screen.

The Nolans Go Genre Again

Christopher Nolan and his brother/collaborator Jonathan look to be teaming up again on Interstellar, for Paramount and Warner Bros, according to THR. Jonathan Nolan, who was a writer on Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, and Prestige, wrote the film before his brother was in any talks to join the production. The movie features interstellar and interdimensional travel, and originally had Steven Spielberg's attention.

He is Iron Man, and He's the People's Choice

Genre cleaned up at the People's Choice awards, with Robert Downey, Jr. leading the way as favorite movie actor and favorite superhero for his role as Iron Man. The Hunger Games led over all with six wins, including favorite movie and multiple wins for lead actress Jennifer Lawrence. Fellow Avengers star Chris Hemsworth won as action star, and True Blood, Supernatural, and geek icon Nathan Fillion all took home wins.

So yeah, it's okay to be a geek, folks.

Star Trek: Into Darkness Gets Alternate-Reality Game, Alice Eve is Nice to Look At

Well that headline is pretty self-explanatory, right? Here's the video from CES revealing the new ARG app for your smartphone.

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