Wacker, Slott Talk SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1 Twist [SPOILERS]

***Warning! This article contains major spoilers for the end of Superior Spider-Man #1, on sale now.***


Update: Newsarama reached Superior Spider-Man series editor Stephen Wacker, currently attending a Marvel creative retreat, for comment on the ending of issue #1.

Newsarama: Steve, obviously the big reveal of Superior Spider-Man #1 is that Peter Parker is, as he puts it, still in the fight — which may or may not make some of the folks greatly upset over Amazing Spider-Man #700 reconsider their stance. It's not a shock that he'd be back in some form, but I think people will be surprised that it happened this soon. From your perspective, why was it important to make this revelation right away in issue #1?

Stephen Wacker: Well, it's the high-concept of the book, so of course we want it in the first issue! This is the story Dan [Slott] pitched from the get-go and I think it was a smart way to keep readers (who would undoubtedly be left breathless after ASM #700) on their toes.


Nrama: Given that, it seems reasonable to presume that Peter — albeit clearly at this point in a limited context — will have a major role in the series going forward. Is this an accurate read of things? Is Peter essentially the (up to this point) secret co-star of Superior Spider-Man?

Wacker: That's a fine way of putting it.

But I would also recommend that you not get used to any status quo on this comic. Dan along with Ryan [Stegman], [Giuseppe Camuncoli], Humberto [Ramos], Edgar [Delgado] and the rest of the team wan to keep you guessing.

Nrama: Following the ending of #1, readers may very well jump to the conclusion that, even if it takes a while, Peter will be back as Spidey sooner than later, and "Superior Spider-Man" may be bound for a limited run. Obviously nothing is permanent in superhero comics, but how would you respond to that notion?

Wacker: I'd say that some fans say they absolutely know what's going to happen in their comics… no matter how many times they're wrong.


Original story: Two weeks ago, fans were lamenting the apparent death of Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #700. Now Superior Spider-Man #1 is out, and, in Peter's own words, he's still in the fight.

On the very last page of the issue, by writer Dan Slott and artist Ryan Stegman, it's revealed that some element of Peter Parker's consciousness (represented not unlike a Star Wars Force ghost) has survived. Though Doctor Octopus remains primarily in control of Spidey's body, Peter still has some influence — unbeknowst to Doc Ock — and stops him from killing Boomerang, part of the issue's revised Sinister Six along with Overdrive, Shocker, Speed Demon, a new Beetle and Living Brain.

"All of these people who have been so angry for two weeks — 'How can you possibly do a Spider-Man comic book without Peter Parker?' — we didn't! We just didn't tell you,"  Slott said in a video on MTV Geek. "Peter Parker is still in the book."

Peter Parker will in fact be a "very strong presence" in the book, according to Slott.


"There's a little Peter Parker hanging around that's watching over him, that's wondering, 'He's not doing this the way I would do this. Maybe this wasn't the best idea,'" Slott told MTV Geek. "Or maybe, 'I wouldn't have done things that way — and that worked.'"

In the video, Slott hints that it won't be an "obvious journey" for Peter Parker to regain control of his body. "We have tricks that we're going to play. We have aces up our sleeve."

And speaking of tricks: In a separate video, Slott addresses the red herring he "accidentally" tweeted back in October, which suggested that Miguel O'Hara — Spider-Man 2099 — was the new Superior Spider-Man. The writer — who wrote Spider-Man 2099 in the 2010 video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions apologized to fans of the character who got their hopes up, and stated, "This is not a trick. This is not a prank. You will see Miguel O'Hara in Superior Spider-Man."

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