Marvel NOW! Teasers Get Tougher with 'Birth' Of New Book


Okay, Marvel, you have us stumped.

With the latest one-word teaser, there aren't a lot of clues. "BIRTH" in big purple letters, the creative team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Simone Bianchi... and nothing else.

Revealed on Wednesday in the wake of artistic changes on several Marvel NOW! titles this week as well as one new title with "XX" that we're guessing is X-Women, this one is not as simple to guess around. Is it the Birth of a character? a team? a nation? With the purple letters, a certain giant world-eating demigod, Galactus, certainly comes to mind, and he does have progeny in Galacta, his also-violet daughter.

Or there's another purple character. One who got pushed right into the consciousness of the general public in the credits sequence of a $1.5 billion movie. One who worships the very opposite of "Birth": Thanos.

Either way, more Jason Aaron ongoings, as well as Bianchi returning to monthly comics will certainly make fans curious. We expect we'll hear more about this April 2013 shipping series in about a week.

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