DEADPOOL Screams for I SCREAM, Gets New Artist in April


The Marvel teasers announcing new artists on Marvel NOW! books continue to roll in this morning, with ComicsAlliance getting in on the fun thanks to Deadpool screaming for some ice cream in April 2013.

Of course, this one is a little odd, as the promo art is actually done by Art Adams, but the new artist for the second arc of the Marvel NOW! Deadpool relaunch will be Mike Hawthorne. Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn are sticking around as co-writers of the title. No word on if the stint will be a single arc, ongoing, or will start a rotation with original series artist Tony Moore.

This marks the fourth announced art change after a single arc for Marvel NOW! titles, presumably to keep shipping on-time. Walt Simonson joins Indestructible Hulk, Phil Noto joins Thunderbolts, and already announced rotating artist Humberto Ramos takes a spin with Superior Spider-Man, all also in April 2013.

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