Marvel NOW! Teaser: HULK SMASH New Artist!

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Superman and Lois Lane. Marvel Comics and Teaser images. Some things just go together.


After Monday revealed both a one-word/creative team teaser with "XX" (and a likely X-Women title) and a one-word/splash image teaser with "explosive" and Thunderbolts, Tuesday started off in reverse, teasing another status quo change for the Superior Spider-Man.

iFanboy followed up with a second single-word plus image teaser, revealing the second artist on Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk series, living legend Walt Simonson. Of course, Simonson is most well-known for his long and prolific run with a certain God of Thunder, Thor, and it looks like he may have a part to play in this arc, if the teaser image is any indication.

Simonson follows Leinil Francis Yu as artist on the series, though a simple teaser obviously does not indicate for how long or if Yu will return after an arc. It does, however, seem to indicate a trend, with multiple Marvel NOW! books deciding to use creative teams an arc at a time to combat any possibility of lateness (or possibly just to keep the books looking and feeling fresh).

More Marvel NOW! coming throughout the week.

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