Marvel NOW! Teasers Return: SPIDER-MAN is FIRED

You didn't think there'd only be one, did you?

After Monday's tease of "XX" seemingly indicating an X-Women series from Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel, we knew more were coming. Later that day, we got a new kind of teaser, with a full image for an existing title to announce a major devlopment with "Explosive" for Thunderbolts. didn't let us down Tuesday morning with a new one-word tease to get the speculation engines revving.


This one followed the latter teaser from Monday, giving us an image of Superior Spider-Man and one word: "Fired."

Humberto Ramos joins Dan Slott for the new story arc in April 2013, and while our first thought with "Fired" and Spidey was that Peter/Otto Parker would be getting fired from Horizon Labs, it looks like it may be even wors for the new Spider-Man. Behind the word in the image are pictures of the Avengers, possibly indicating Spidey will be losing his membership with the team. So much for Superior.

Look for more on Superior Spider-Man and his new status when the April 2013 solicitations hit next week.

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