Marvel NOW! Teasers Return - XX [Find Out From Who]

USA Today has the newest Marvel NOW! teaser, back to the one-word plus creative team formula, well, kind of. This time the one word is just two letters: "XX."


The creative team does tell a little more, though, with writer Brian Wood and artist Olivier Coipel taking on this new series in April 2013. With two Xs and some nice DNA strands, it sure seems that this has something to do with X-Men... or maybe it's "X-Women?" After all, two Xs in a DNA strand symbolize a female, not a male, and Wood has previously been known to write some strong women in series like Demo, Local, New York Four, DMZ, and pretty much every other title he's ever worked on.

Wood recently wrapped up his run on the adjectiveless X-Men title, which sees its final issue in February 2013 — making it ripe for a relaunch.

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