JGL in Running for Superhero Role... at MARVEL STUDIOS?

While rumors of Joseph Gordon-Levitt moving towards a cape and cowl in the upcoming 2015 Justice League film were summarily dismissed by his representatives, Deadline reports a new possibility in the superhero set for the young actor.

The much-sought-after Guardians of the Galaxy lead of Peter Quill, Starlord, has had no less than nine names mentioned for the role, and now Gordon-Levitt becomes the tenth. Deadline is quick to note that they've had no confirmation of any offer or any comment from his camp, but insists "he is in the mix."

Starlord leads the second incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy team. The original was from a possible future, but a recent relaunch of the team and concept saw a group of modern-day contemporary aliens banded together to prevent major, galactic-level disasters and conflicts before they ever come to pass. Acting as a more pro-active space-faring Avengers, the team led by half-alien half-human Quill also features a giant butt-kicking tree and an anthropomorphic raccoon. No word on casting for either of them yet.

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