Judd Winick's DODGER Comes Alive on ARROW

Green Arrow fans have been getting plenty of comic-related treats in the new CW drama Arrow, but the latest homage to a comic character is also pulling from fan-favorite TV show Battlestar Galactica.


Dodger, a character created in the comics by writer Judd Winick and artist Mike Norton, will be brought to life on Arrow by James Callis, who played Dr. Gaius Baltar in BSG.

Winick, long-time Batman writer and a high-profile creator on Green Arrow, returned to the comic just recently for a one-shot story in September's Green Arrow #0. However, the writer just exited from writing DC Comics, and informed Newsarama that he's writing and drawing an all-ages graphic novel.

Winick co-created The Dodger in 2008 with artist Norton, well-known for his Eisner-nominated weekly webcomic Battlepug and work with Dark Horse, Marvel, and other publishers.

"Mike Norton and I are thrilled that Dodger gets to come to life on the tube," Winick told Newsarama about the announcement. "We're huge fans of Arrow, and it's always a blast when a character that you cook up is darting around in the flesh.

"And James Callis is dream casting. Like any respectable nerds, we're BSG fanatics, and having Callis play Dodger, well, we just about dropped dead," he said. "We loved Dodger as a character, he's charming, handsome, a thief, an anti-hero. It's a perfect fit for Callis.


The character first appeared in Green Arrow and Black Canary #7 as a thief who encounters Green Arrow and eventually becomes an ally. In the comic, Dodger operated out of London and was willing to steal anything from information to advanced technology. According to the announcement by CW, the TV version of Dodger will be a jewel thief.

For Winick, the chance to see the character in a live action show is still exciting, even though it isn't his first. In fact, it isn't even his first on Arrow. "Constantine Drakon, that Phill Hester and I created, also popped up [on Arrow," he said. "This is the great thing about having comic fans and comic creators involved in the show. Storylines and characters that we've made have a new life. It's a nod to the comics, to the fans, to the history. Even in this case, it being recent Green Arrow history."


Winick said he and Norton first heard about the announcement on Twitter (Winick just started posting recently on the social media network, joining tweeting veteran Norton). While there was initially some surprise voiced in their posts about the announcement of Dodger's appearance,  Winick said he realized the folks at Arrow had emailed him earlier that day to warn him.

Now that Norton and Winick are no longer writing for DC, Newsarama inquired if they would get any compensation for the appearance by Dodger on the TV show.

No word on that yet, but Winick simply said, "In my experience, DC has always been very good about compensating creators for use of their creations and story lines."

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