Rick Remender Talks Wasp in UNCANNY, Dimension Z in CAP


Update, 12/20
: Rick Remender discussed more of the ins and outs of Dimension Z in a new Marvel.com interview published Thursday, going into detail about where Captain America will be spending a significant amount of time.

"It needs to be strange in ways that we don't necessarily understand, and I think the Phrox, the alien species that he encounters there — there is kindness and there is a spectrum," Remender told the site. "It's not just a lot of ferocity."

Remender also disclosed that readers will learn more about Arnim Zola's origins very soon. "In issue #3 we get a glimpse of what Arnim Zola was like when he was a human being around the same time in the 1920s when Steve was a young man trying to survive the mean streets of the Lower East Side during the Great Depression," the writer said to Marvel.com. "I think about half the issue is spent getting a look at who Zola was and who Steve was and really starting to look into their characters, and the other half is Steve dealing with threats and trying to protect Ian in Dimension Z."

Update, 12/19
: Wednesday brought another new interview with Rick Remender on Marvel.com, this time talking the role the recently returned Wasp will play in Uncanny Avengers. She — along with Wonder Man and Sunfire — is joining the book's cast as of February's Uncanny Avengers #5, which features guest art from Olivier Coipel.

"I think Wasp really lends weight to the fact that this is a big Avengers unit and not just some amalgamation thing," Remender told the site of the character's significance within the book. "She definitely helps solidify the fact that this is the Avengers."

In the interview, Remender states that he discussed Wasp with former Avengers writer Kurt Busiek (Remender worked on Busiek's run on the title as an inker).


"She's a very natural fit to help with the PR motive that this team is working under," Remender said. "She's got plans, she's got ideas, she's actually going to market a line of clothing based on mutants. Their parents fear you, but the kids will think you're cool."

Remender also disclosed that he's looking forward to the dynamics between Wasp and the rest of the cast, specifically the mutant characters — Rogue in particular. "In issue #5 [Oliver] Coipel is going to have a bunch of sequences with Rogue and Wasp bouncing off each other," the writer told Marvel's site.

Wasp was thought dead at the end of the 2008 Secret Invasion event, but was discovered alive and well in the Microverse in the final issues of Brian Michael Bendis's Avengers run.


Original story: Rick Remender is bringing Captain America to Dimension Z in the pages of the recently relaunched Marvel NOW! series, and discussed the strange new world in an interview with Marvel.com.

Saying it was originally conceived as "if Hydra had a dimension," the writer said, "It's a place where [Arnim] Zola has absolute freedom to do his business. There is absolute freedom to experiment and to do whatever he wants and to then release his experiments into the wild of his own world."


The unique trappings of Dimension Z lend themselves perfectly for Remender to explore his affection for bizarre sci-fi twists, saying, "This world isn't just a canvas for him to play on; it's a canvas for me to play on...  it's something that I can do almost anything with because Zola could have created anything I can think of. That to me is sort of the fun of doing something that is pulp science fiction where that's enough explanation. Why is there a giant ant with a soft, fleshy human face? Zola made it."

In the interview, Remender called the current story arc a sci-fi combo of Castaway and The Road, and a means to emphasize the "man out of time" aspects of Cap's character. "I wanted it to feel completely alien and I wanted Cap to be disoriented," Remender said. "When he gets lost in the middle of Dimension Z with his young ward Ian that he has to care for, there's no way to know how to get back to Zola’s city to find that tunnel to get back home."

Like many of Remender's series, he has a long-term arc planned for Captain America, and told Marvel.com, "The end of Captain America #4 is the big reveal of part of his master plan. I don't want to reveal that, but I think it's so much fun."

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