Is That Classic Nick Fury on an ULTIMATES Cover?


Marvel's March 2013 solicitations, released on Wednesday, contained one significant surprise in the form of the Ultimate Comics Ultimates #22 cover, which featured a character that strongly resembled the classic version of Nick Fury.

Turns out, that's actually the cover to #21, out in February. To learn more, we asked Marvel if Dave Bullock's cover was meant to be taken literallly, and also if there was an amount of deliberate symmetry being explored, now that a new Nick Fury clearly inspired by the Ultimate version is firmly entrenched in the Marvel Universe.

Here's what Ultimate Comics Ultimates editor Mark Paniccia told us:

·         The face on the cover literally appears in the issue.

·         The first clues appear in Ultimates issue 19.

·         There are more clues in the history of in the Ultimate Universe.

·         In the world according to [series writer Sam Humphries], the Ultimate Universe Nick Fury is the "classic" Nick Fury.

·         There's no deliberate symmetry, it's just another example of the MU trying to be as cool as the UU! Hahaha.

·         Hail Hydra.

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