Marvel NOW! Comes to JEOPARDY!, The Price Is Right

Marvel NOW! is going to be a category on JEOPARDY! on December 13, 2012, Marvel Comics announced in an exclamation point filled press release. The category promises to test contestants on Marvel's characters featured in the ongoing relaunch as well as the series themselves.

“The Answer: Marvel NOW! on JEOPARDY!. The Question: ‘How is Marvel reaching new fans and bring them into comic book stores to experience the most exciting new series of the year?’” said David Gabriel, SVP Sales, Marvel Entertainment in the press release.


This follows an appearance by Marvel Comics on another game show, The Price is Right, on Monday December 10, 2012. The comic book company had a Nook Color pre-loaded with several graphic novels including Avengers: X-Sanction and Greg Pak's smashing epic World War Hulk, which was featured on the device by the Price is Right model who leafed throught the opening pages. The pre-loaded Nook was the opening prize for the day's show, which can be viewed in its entirety here (skip to 1:30 for the Marvel-ous clip).

Tune in to JEOPARDY! on December 13th and see if you can beat the ultimate quiz-takers in your Marvel Comics trivia.

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