Marvel Pokes Fun at DC; Launches ULTIMATE WOLVERINE


Last month, news of an "Uncanny X-Men #1 'Deadpool 53 State Birds'" variant cover surfaced — poking fun at DC's 52-state variant covers for February's Justice League of America #1 — but without the actual image.

Now it can be revealed, and it's illustrated by All-New X-Men artist Stuart Immonen, out on Feb. 13, and Marvel got to 53 by including the bald eagle, the national bird of the United States.


Also in Marvel news: The publisher has announced, through ComicsAlliance, a new four-issue Ultimate Comics Wolverine miniseries, starting in March from the creative team of writer Cullen Bunn and artist Ramon Rosanas.

The Ultimate version of Wolverine died back in Ultimatum, but his mantle has been taken over by his son, Jimmy Hudson. The series appears to both tell Jimmy's story in the present day, along with flashbacks to previously untold Ultimate Wolverine tales.

Bunn, who wraps his run on the classic Marvel Universe Wolverine this week, told ComicsAlliance that the series is a uniquely personal one for him:

"There's a side to this story that's very personal for me," Bunn is quoted in the piece. "While plotting and writing this series, there are some elements that have really resonated with me. So much of this story hinges on Jimmy's relationship with a mother and father he never knew... and the mother and father who raised him. That's a story that, for various reasons, hits me where I live."

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