NEW AVENGERS: The Marvel Universe's 'Most Important Book'


Much of the January-debuting new volume of New Avengers remains a secret, but Jonathan Hickman lifted the veil a bit with two interviews on this week, talking the main cast and scope of the series.

"New Avengers will be the most important book in the Marvel Universe for the next couple of years," Hickman told the publisher's site. "It won't be obvious at the beginning, and I’m talking about in regards to the Avengers corner of the Marvel Universe. But we are going somewhere, and this is the primary driver of where we are headed."

In talking about the ego-heavy lineup of the team — the Illuminati from the Brian Michael Bendis era of Avengers, along with additions Beast (taking the place of Professor X) and Black Panther (who declined membership in the group's original incarnation) — Hickman said, "The hierarchy is that each of them thinks they are in charge... They just see things from their own perspective and their own experience that they’re going through."

Hickman, working on the series with artist Steve Epting, also revealed that the series opens in Wakanda, which was recently devastated thanks to a Phoenix-influenced Namor (also part of the New Avengers) in Avengers vs. X-Men.

"Something happens there that is actually a catalyst for Black Panther to reassess his long held position on the Illuminati being a very very bad idea," the writer said.

Hickman is known as a long-term planner, and told that he already has an ending in mind for New Avengers, even if it's not precisely set how he's going to get there.

"I always leave myself room to play, but I’m telling a story and I know what the end of it is," the writer said. "I'm a big believer in knowing your ending."

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