Valiant has been a critical darling this year with their smaller, self-contained superhero universe. Today they dropped this exclusive teaser in the Newsarama inbox to say they're not slowing down, announcing something called Harbinger Wars.

For those yet to break into Harbinger, one of the initial ongoing series from Valiant, the story focuses on a young man named Peter Stanchek who has recently developed superpowers and the corporate despot, Toyo Harada, who wants to control him. Harada (pictured in this image) currently runs a corporation that essentially trains and controls superpowered beings; they think they're heroes but he has other plans.

So what is Harbinger Wars? Well, Valiant's not telling yet. Over in X-O Manowar, the next big storyline got its own teaser and announcement, calling it Planet Death, so this could just be the next big storyline for Harbinger.

Of course, we've also heard rumors that Valiant, with its already tight-knit universe, might be planning a linewide crossover, bringing all their heroes face to face for the first time.


Valiant did also confirm that the other figure on the cover is Bloodshot, so it certainly seems that at least a couple of their characters will be crossing over. Project Rising Spirit, which created and hassles the deadly assassin, has also appeared in Harbinger already.

Astute fans will also recognize the name "Harbinger Wars" as a storyline from old Valiant, though no direct connection is implied here.

More on Harbinger Wars at the start of next week right here on Newsarama.

A second teaser for Harbinger Wars was sent out wide alongside the first. This one shows Bloodshot taking on the Renegades of the Harbinger Foundation, making this a little more clearly a crossover. It remains to be seen, however, if it will be limited to those two books, or if X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstong, and Shadowman will also be involved.

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