Starfire will get the spotlight in an upcoming issue of DC Universe Presents, giving more details about the character from the monthly series .

March's DC Universe Presents #18, a one-shot story by writer Joe Keatinge and artist Federico Dallocchio, will focus on Starfire, following up on the same creative team's story about Arsenal in issue #17.

"After working with illustrator Ricken on our Arsenal issue, I got the bug to do more with the , so getting the immediate opportunity to work with illustrator Federico Dallocchio on Starfire is very, very ideal,” said Keatinge, in a post on the DC blog <a href="http://www.dccomics.com/blog/2012/12/07/starfire-takes-center-stage-in-dc-universe-presents-18">The Source</a>.

DC's announcement of the issue was accompanied by cover art by Ryan Sook for DC Universe Presents #18.

Starfire, who is part of the team, was the subject of some negative reaction by fans upon the launch of the New 52 in September 2011. She was targeted in particular by female comics bloggers for her skimpy costume and seemingly absent-minded attitude toward sex. But the character has seen more development over the last year in the series, with explanations given for some of her more unusual traits.

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