More Details Revealed on Marvel's X-TERMINATION Crossover

Astonishing X-Men

#60 cover.

Newsarama spoke with Age of Apocalypse writer David Lapham about his role in the upcoming Marvel crossover X-Termination, and the other writers involved — Astonishing X-Men's Marjorie Liu and X-Treme X-Men's Greg Pak — have also gone on record about the story, which details the Age of Apocalypse's Nightcrawler's quest to flee the classic Marvel Universe and return to his home reality.

Over at CBR, Liu discussed the central roles Wolverine and AoA Nightcrawler (recently seen in Uncanny X-Force) play in the story, saying, "These are two very passionate individuals who once they set their mind on something, that's it. That is it. The conflict between them, because their motives are very different — they're not bad guys individually — but their motives are so different that resolving this is going to require, I think especially on Nightcrawler's part, a real journey of self, self-exploration and conscience."

Liu also hinted that X-Termination will have major repercussions on Astonishing X-Men, "for one character in particular."


At, Pak — along with Liu and Lapham — participated in a group interview about the crossover.

"The X-Treme team brings some key players to the table," Pak revealed, specifically naming Sage, the Xavier Head and Kid Nightcrawler.

Pak stated that this story is the fulfillment of his earlier promise that X-Treme X-Men would eventually circle back to the mainstream Marvel Universe, and, like Liu, teased the scale of the story. "The stakes are huge—multiple realities are at risk, including our own, and something's definitely gonna break."

X-Termination starts in March with a lead-in "Alpha" issue and crosses over that month into Age of Apocalypse #13, X-Treme X-Men #12 and Astonishing X-Men #60, before wrapping in April with an "Omega" bookend. 

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