Long Island Woman Shot After WALKING DEAD Dispute

Jared M. Gurman.

A Long Island man shot his girlfriend Monday following an argument involving AMC's TV adaptation of The Walking Dead, according to multiple sources including Newsday.

Reports say that Jared M. Gurman, 26, and Jessica Gelderman, 27, argued Sunday over the relative plausibility of the show; specifically, the likelihood of a military mishap resulting in the release of a virus, or other dire consequences. Gurman believed it possible; Gelderman did not, and the argument continued into the next day, when Gelderman went to Gurman's apartment and attempted to calm him down. There, Gelderman was shot in the back with a .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle, resulting in a pierced lung and diaphragm, and shattered ribs.

Gelderman is currently in stable condition, with the bullet still in her body as of late Tuesday. Gurman has been arraigned for second-degree attempted murder, and in custody without bail. Gurman's attorney, Edward L. Lieberman, contends that the shooting was unintentional, and that the rifle fired accidentally.

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