Marvel Teases X-TERMINATION in 2013


SPOILERS for recent issues of UNCANNY X-FORCE ahead. If you're a trade waiter, we advise you to not read further!

"Worlds Collide. March 2013."

That's literally all the information we have so far aside from this teaser image for something Marvel Comics is calling X-Termination.

So what does the picture tell us? Well, it shows Wolverine vs. "Age of Apocalypse" Nightcrawler. That alternate Kurt Wagner recently betrayed his Uncanny X-Force teammates in his quest for revenge against his universe's Blob, before absconding from the scene with the regular universe's Mystique, his alternate-reality mom.

That sounds more confusing than it is, but it appears his betrayal will come to a head sooner than many may have thought. Given that Wolverine is in his blue and yellow, it seems this will story will be outside of the X-Force limitations. The glowing eyes may simply be an artistic license, or it could imply some sort of mind control going on. Because if there's one thing we know about mutants, it's that they're very susceptible to mind control. The artist of the teaser is Ed McGuinness, but given his only current regular gig is Nova, he likely only worked on the teaser and/or covers for the storyline.

Luckily, if it's coming in March 2013, the maximum wait we have for more information is about 2-3 weeks, when we see the solicitations for that month. More as it comes.

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