Marvel NOW! Debuts New WOLVERINE Ongoing in March 2013


The simplest solution is often the correct one: Last week's "Snikt" teaser was indeed an indication that writer Paul Cornell and artist Alan Davis are teaming on a new Marvel NOW! Wolverine series.

Wolverine is already starring in one Marvel NOW! book — Frank Cho's Savage Wolverine, beginning in January — but in an interview with iFanboy, Cornell described this book as the "central Wolverine title." Marvel confirmed to Newsarama that they are both ongoing series.

"This is the action series title where we meet him in his New York context, with many non-super hero friends (like Claremont always had the X-Men know), part of a community of professionals, a very civilized man of violence who’d prefer to be a man of peace," Cornell said.

A celebrated industry veteran, Davis has spent much of his recent time at Marvel, including The Mighty Thor and a string of annuals starring his creations, ClanDestine. Cornell, on the other hand, is making his return to Marvel, where he previously wrote titles like Captain Britain and the MI:13 before moving to DC for books like Action Comics and Demon Knights.

Talking to iFanboy, Cornell noted his admiration for Chris Claremont's iconic work on the title character, and that the series aims to focus on Wolverine, rather than the many characters and stories connected to his world.

"It’s great, especially that I've been given a high-profile chance to connect with a character that meant so much to me when I was at school," Cornell said. "Chris Claremont's X-Men made so much of me."

Cornell compared his Wolverine series to the sensibility of the CBS show , and stated that he's looking to focus on Logan as a protector.

"James is caught up in a hostage situation, which involves a threat to innocents from a very disciplined, ruthless new character, the nature of which we’re only gradually going to reveal," Cornell said to iFanboy of his opening story, "Hunting Season." "That turns into an action movie chase, where James is highly motivated to stop having to repeat something not very nice he had to do in front of one of said innocents."

Wolverine #1 is scheduled for March 2013, with a cover price of $3.99.

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