Marvel Issues Binary Teaser of New/Old BENDIS Project


"Age of Ultron"

That's what this new teaser image from Marvel Comics says in binary code, the native language of computers, and sentient homicidal robots, of course. Bendis teased the teaser on twitter, showing his enthusiasm for the long-time-coming project.

Age of Ultron, the big final (at least for now) Avengers story by Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch, is finally coming, starting in March 2013. That's what this teaser announces, giving us a definitive date for the first time.


The story was initially talked about as "Ultron War" and was teased on the big "Marvel Event Timeline" in Avengers #5, in September 2010 also written by Bendis, that also included references to All-New X-Men and Schism. In April 2011, Avengers #12.1 gave readers their first glimpse at the coming storyline and the rebirth of Ultron as a once-again major galactic threat. The issue was re-released as Marvel's Free Comic Book Day offering in 2012.


While Bryan Hitch has moved on from Marvel, as he announced in December 2011, he did complete his work on the storyline before leaving, though Bendis describing it as Hitch's "part of the story" leaves open the possibility that "Age of Ultron" might feature more than one artist.

Marvel has of course featured several major events with "War" as a major component of the title, dating back to Secret Wars, and going up to Civil War. But "Age of" is also a Marvel event title, with Age of Apocalypse and the recent X-group crossover Age of X bearing the moniker. 2012's event comic, Avengers vs. X-Men, began in March 2012, so the timing of this book's launch, plus the creative team and the title, may imply that the series is Marvel's big event push for 2013.

Stay tuned for much more on Age of Ultron soon.

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