Marvel NOW! Teases SNIKT With Returning Writer, Major Artist


Marvel's February solicitations just hit, but that doesn't mean there's no room for more Marvel NOW! teasers. iFanboy has a teaser today that continues Marvel's one-word tease theme, and that word is a real head-scratcher: "SNIKT."

Hmm, what characters could that mean? Well, obviously it's one of the Wolverine family, meaning Wolverine, X-23, or Daken. All three would be interesting; Wolverine has a newly-relaunched ongoing in January under Frank Cho. X-23 is in Avengers Arena, and Daken is a full-on villain, leading his own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Meanwhile, Wolverine and the X-Men is launching a new major storyarc in February with creative team Jason Aaron and Ramon Perez.

The creative team will certainly raise some eyebrows as well. Paul Cornell and Alan Davis. Cornell's big two career started at Marvel Comics where he had the critically acclaimed Captain Britain and MI-13 before jumping over to DC Comics, writing Action Comics, Knight and Squire, and helping with the New 52 relaunch with Stormwatch and Demon Knights, two books he has left, and has announced leaving, respectively. Davis of course is one of those living legends at Marvel, having drawn virtually every Marvel character and virtually every major title there over his years of service.

So who will be going "SNIKT" with Cornell and Davis in March 2013 at Marvel NOW!? We venture you'll want to check back in one week for the answer.

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