SPIDER-MAN Celebrates the Holidays in AMAZING #700 Variant


The next few months aren't looking great for Peter Parker. A dying Doctor Octopus is looking to unveil his final revenge, resulting in a major, top-secret "change" in December's Amazing Spider-Man #700 — enough that he's apparently no longer even Spider-Man as of the January-debuting Superior Spider-Man #1.

But you wouldn't guess things were so bleak from this Marcos Martin-illustrated variant cover to #700, featuring the familiar Spidey supporting cast celebrating the holidays while Spider-Man and Green Goblin battle overhead (the number on the cover is just a placeholder, according to editor Stephen Wacker, who debuted the cover on his Twitter account).


Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions, it's clear that this cover is meant to be a timeless representation of the greater Spider-Man world, and not any sort of clues to the still-shrouded-in-mystery future of the character.

Also from Wacker's Twitter: The Stefano Caselli cover to Amazing Spider-Man #699.1, a lead-in to the upcoming ongoing series, which debuts in January.

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