HELLBLAZER Canceled at Vertigo, Industry Reacts Strongly

Hellblazer #299

The news of Hellblazer #300 being canceled, to be replaced by Constantine #1 set in the DC Universe has set twitter ablaze with reactions from those who've written and drawn the series, as well as those who aspired to. We've also reached out to several folks and will have those comments later, but for now, here are some reactions from around the twitterverse. In the spirit of Vertigo, we're leaving these comments uncensored.

Rob Williams

"Kind of sad to see Hellblazer ending."

Andy Diggle

"Desperately sad to hear that HELLBLAZER will be coming to an end after 300 issues. I cannot overstate the importance of that book, and the character of John Constantine, not only to my work but to my worldview. I was lucky enough to write Hellblazer a few years back, and it was like meeting up with an old friend. I just *knew* him. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. Just that I’d been following him since his first appearance in Swamp Thing when I was 15 years old. True fact: John Constantine is the reason I started reading (and eventually writing) American comics. Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing led me to my first comic shop to hunt for back issues. Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing led me to my first comic shop to hunt for back issues. Fuck, I feel like I’ve lost an old friend.

Trish Mulvihill

""Hellblazer" is ending? :("

Joshua Hale Fialkov

"one of my great regrets is never getting to write the "real" John Constantine."

Warren Ellis

HELLBLAZER cancelled, replaced by PG version. Sad to see that place for British horror stories go.

Brian Wood

"Ugh! [in reply to Ellis]" "Seems very likely if I had launched The Massive at Vertigo as originally conceived, they would have cancelled it by now."

Ryan Kelly

"The only Hellblazer I'll ever get to draw is crappy fan art. I'll be at the bar, sobbing."

Kieron Gillen

"RIP Hellblazer. One of the greats. The end of Planetary 7 comes to mind. "Time to be someone else". http://readrant.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/be-seeing-you.jpg …

(Part of me also thinks "You're not a real British Comics Writer unless you've written Hellblazer". So that's me doomed)"

Declan Shalvey

  "What the...... god dammit"


"sad news about HELLBLAZER."

"would it be crass to say that HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM, by @jamiedelano and myself is still out, full of swearing, politics and blood?"

Dave Gibbons

"[in reply to Andy Diggle] Know what you mean. I wrote a couple of short stories and it's a cliche, I know, but Constantine just spoke for himself."

Jordan White

"I cannot tell you how upset I am that Hellblazer is ending. It's probably my favorite book DC is doing. I hope they give it a good ending."

David Gallaher

"Bummed about the loss of Hellblazer. Image Comics has largely made Vertigo irrelevant. Can't say I'm surprised."

Paul Cornell

"I guess I always sort of assumed that one day I would write Hellblazer."

Si Spurrier

"[in reply to Cornell] Me too, mate. Closest I ever got was a pisstake in Bec and Kawl. Now I feel bad."

Tim Seeley

"That's kinda the nail in the Vertigo coffin, yeah?"

Mark Millar

"WTF? Hellblazer CANCELLED"

Ian Rankin

"Just heard Hellblazer comic book is for the chop. Only series I've ever written for. Only one I wanted to write for. Constantine RIP..."

Leah Moore

"Really don't see point of ending Hellblazer. Really doubt Constantine will replace it."

Axel Alonso

"Vertigo "Hellbazer" cancelled for DCU relaunch!? NOOOOOO!!!!!" 


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