Lobdell Talks SUPERMAN and More at Long Beach Comic Con


Scott Lobdell — writer of DC's Superman, Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws — was the focus of a panel at the Long Beach Comic Con on Saturday afternoon, answering questions from fans about his current and past work.

Audience members were definitely curious about the high-profile recent developments in Superman's life including Clark Kent quitting the Daily Planet to become an independent blogger, and the character's budding romance with Wonder Woman, which started in Justice League.

Lobdell said that Clark Kent will "definitely, 100 percent" still be a reporter, and will have a lot more freedom as a blogger than as a reporter — in fact, one of his first stories that he'll break will be the government's involvement in Suicide Squad.

Part of the motivation to move Clark away from The Daily Planet, Lobdell explained, is to get rid of the "hypocrisy" inherent in depicting Clark Kent writing about Superman as if they're two different people, when the job of a reporter is to publish the truth.


To that end, Lobdell also discussed the problem of Clark not being able to share his secret identity with his friends — including Lois Lane, who Lobdell said he sees as Clark's best friend.

Lois will continue to play a "huge part" in Clark's life, Lobdell said, though the romance established in Justice League will continue. "His relationship with Wonder Woman is definitely going to be a major factor in coming months," the writer said. Additionally, readers will in the near future see how Lois met her New 52 boyfriend, Jonathan Carroll.

"I don't think [Superman] sees Clark as a secret identity," Lobdell said on the issue of where Clark Kent ends and Superman begins. "When he puts on certain clothes, people call him Superman."

Additionally, Lobdell revealed that Jimmy Olsen will soon be moving out of Clark Kent's apartment, because "somebody else needs that couch desperately."


With Man of Steel less than a year away from its scheduled release, Lobdell said he hasn't received any edict to bring the comic book closer to the movie, and in fact the film is so top secret that he said he doesn't know much about it.

When a fan asked about the pre-New 52 story where Superman renounced his American citizenship, Lobdell replied, "I think that America is awesome," and made it clear that he has  "no problem with Superman fighting for truth, justice and the American way."

"I think [Superman] has some really distinct feelings about his citizenship," Lobdell continued.

Lobdell also praised the work of outgoing Action Comics writer Grant Morrison, complimenting his All-Star Superman series and saying that he was pleased that Action changed some established notions about the superhero icon.

"I am trying to take advantage of the freedom that he's created by untethering Superman from some of his past continuity," Lobdell said.


As far as his other DC books, Lobdell, prompted by a fan dressed as the pre-New 52 version of Solstice, revealed that the character will be appearing in Teen Titans soon in her "original form," and that it's possible that her appearance was altered by N.O.W.H.E.R.E., and also that it's just a "function of her powers." Additionally, he stated that the book will take a "sharp left turn" after the currently unfolding "Death of the Family" storyline.


In Red Hood and the Outlaws, Killer Croc will appear in issue #16, and #17 will be an "all-Jason [Todd], all-Bruce [Wayne]" issue.

"Jason is going to deliver the most severe beat down of Joker that we've seen" at some point during "Death of the Family," Lobdell said.

Towards the close of the hour, an attendee asked Lobdell if he wanted to work on the X-Men books again — the writer replied that he doesn't have much desire to do so at this point, and that when he reads the current books, the characters feel somewhat unfamiliar to him. 

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